Does CrossFit really work? Come see for yourself.

Take a look at what CrossFit has done for a few of our members.

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Why CrossFit Siege?

In what seems like no time at all, CrossFit SIEGE has become one of South Florida's premiere CrossFit affiliates. We truly believe that aside from our great location, we owe our success to our wonderful community of members and coaches, and to our core belief that CrossFit has something for everyone, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Joining a fitness program can sometimes be intimidating. However, here at CrossFit SIEGE, you will quickly realize that "The Minute You Begin, You Fit Right In". The mindset in the SIEGE community is that we are all equally striving to get better, and the smallest success for one person is a success for all.


  • Scalable Workouts

It doesn't matter who you are, or how fit you are, CrossFit's workouts are completely scalable to each person's ability. Our main focus is you.

Leaving for a while? No worries, we've listed a few workouts that you can do while out and about.

  • Great Community

The community is full of motivated members of every demographic, who help encourage each other to strive harder and reach farther than they ever have before.