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Why CrossFit Siege?

Our Friendly CrossFit Culture

We here at CrossFit Siege truly believe that aside from our great CrossFit Miramar location, we owe our success to our wonderful community of members and coaches. It is our core belief that our CrossFit program has something for everyone, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Joining a fitness program can sometimes be intimidating. However, at CrossFit SIEGE, you will quickly realize that “The Minute You Begin, You Fit Right In”. The mindset in the SIEGE community is that we are all equally striving to get better, and the smallest success for one person is a success for all.

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Meet member  🏋🏻Beatriz has been part of our for a little over 2 years  She started crossfit 6 months after she moved here from Colombia. And quickly realized food is a bit different here in the  & started to put on some unwanted weight. At that point she wanted an active lifestyle. She tried regular gyms, yoga, bootcamp, zumba but didnt like any of those. When She tried crossfit, she really liked it and now can’t live without it. When She started she just wanted to look skinny, now she wants look & be stronger 🏼 Beatriz’ Favorite movement or lift? Power cleans!!! And also snatches.🏋🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻 In 2019 Beatriz tried out for her first CF Comp, made it on to and represented us well at our annual #RivalCup. She’s feeling better & stronger than ever and most recently PRd her Power Clean (140 # 🏼) What she loves most about  Is... “I look forward to the 5:15 class every day and plan my day around that time. For me, its my happy hour! Also, I have made really good friends. “ 
Congrats on all your success Beatriz. Your consistency & dedication are a direct reflection of your results. Keep it up.  We ️ you & are so proud of you.
A day in the life of “Mig’s Macros” 😬. I often get asked by our members  what I eat?  So, here’s what a typical day looks like for me. It’s important to keep in mind... I’ve been logging macros in MyFitPal & weighing my food for a lil over 4 years. It’s not for everyone & most of us don’t have to be super strict with it but it’s definitely helped keep me consistent & accountable. Also, 🏻‍♀️ My Calories/Macros have changed a lot over that time. As they should depending on how I feel & my current goals. 
Over the past year of coaching nutrition,  I now understand that Nutrition really isn’t complicated but every athlete is different & it’s my job to help guide them to success.  Perfection is definitely not the approach that helped me or my nutrition clients. But it ultimately comes down to consistency & practice.  I eat it ALL yes, even the occasional   ! The key is finding a balance that works for you & knowing that mistakes will happen but slow & steady progress is where long life habits happen. If you’d like Info on Nutrition or private Coaching  me @
If is NOT your jam,  has some great Macro Friendly options. 📸  Thanks for some amazing info & suggestions always.

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