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Why CrossFit Siege?

Our Friendly CrossFit Culture

We here at CrossFit Siege truly believe that aside from our great CrossFit Miramar location, we owe our success to our wonderful community of members and coaches. It is our core belief that our CrossFit program has something for everyone, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Joining a fitness program can sometimes be intimidating. However, at CrossFit SIEGE, you will quickly realize that “The Minute You Begin, You Fit Right In”. The mindset in the SIEGE community is that we are all equally striving to get better, and the smallest success for one person is a success for all.

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Open Workout ‪ #19point1‬

Welcome to the 2019 season. Review Open workout details and descriptions carefully at ‪‬There is still time to register and compete. The deadline to submit scores for 19.1 is 5 p.m. PT on Feb. 21.

Use and tag  to share your experience ‪ #InTheOpen‬.
    visit the for more information.
Here’s a lil In 2013  got 1 whole rep on the Clean & Jerks in the 2013  Open at
95lbs (which at the time was a PR for her) fast forward to today 6 years later & she added 30 Clean & Jerks + 27 T2B to that score! That’s why we do The Open! Sign up, compete, have fun & take pride in your journey. Soon you’ll look back & crush your own score.
It’s that time of year.... And it all starts this Thursday 2/21. The  Open is upon us. It’s that time of year to compete and put your training to the test! Please be sure to sign up (swipe left for details) at CrossFit.Games.Com 
This year we will structure it a little different to accommodate both members doing the open, and those who do not have any interest. 
These are some of the changes.

Thursday: We will have two EMOM’s before the class WOD. One will be for those that are doing the open. The open athletes will select two movements they need work on (weakness). These movements must be skill movements (double under, pull-up, t2b, muscle ups,HSPU’s etc). They will do 20 min emom with the two movements they choose. Each member will choose their own two movements. For the non-open athletes, we will program a class EMOM they will follow. Both 20-min EMOM’s will run simultaneously (open and non open athletes). After the EMOM both groups will complete the class WOD together. 
Friday: Class WOD will be the open workout. Open athletes will need a judge. 
Saturday: Regular Class WOD

Mon: Regular Class WOD.  Credit;

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