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Why CrossFit Siege?

Our Friendly CrossFit Culture

We here at CrossFit Siege truly believe that aside from our great CrossFit Miramar location, we owe our success to our wonderful community of members and coaches. It is our core belief that our CrossFit program has something for everyone, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Joining a fitness program can sometimes be intimidating. However, at CrossFit SIEGE, you will quickly realize that “The Minute You Begin, You Fit Right In”. The mindset in the SIEGE community is that we are all equally striving to get better, and the smallest success for one person is a success for all.

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to when “Social Distance” was non-existent  . To say we miss our would be an understatement. We too are counting  down the days till we can see you, Coach, WOD & be social again. We WILL overcome this, we WILL be a stronger even more resilient community after this. On behalf of all of our Coaches, Owners & Tank  we Thank You for your continued support. Your text messages, DM’s, & emails have really meant so much. Please be sure to join us on Zoom (you’d be surprised) And Check your email  to stay current on upcoming equipment swap/ pick up  🏋🏻...
4/2/20 🦠 please be sure to join us along w  on Zoom for live WODs, Demo’s, Modifications, Coaching & lots of virtual socializing . Check your email for schedules & links to join. Warm ups, WODs, Skill Work & some super fun Gut Checks are also posted on your  app. Today’s WOD Demo is also posted in our IG Story. Next Live Zoom WOD is at Noon with Coach  (Springs)
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The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates around the globe who have been affected by COVID-19. The temporary closures and distance between us cannot keep this community apart. Affiliates around the world have demonstrated this through their actions over the past few weeks. Now, the entire CrossFit community has an opportunity to come together in support of our affiliates.⁣
Anyone can participate in the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser. Payment is not required. We understand that many face financial difficulties at this time and want everyone to have the opportunity to participate without barriers. Your participation is, in itself, a strong form of support and encouragement to the affiliate community.⁣
Registration is now open at (link in bio). Sign up today! The first workout will be released this Friday, April 3.⁣

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