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Why CrossFit Siege?

Our Friendly CrossFit Culture

We here at CrossFit Siege truly believe that aside from our great CrossFit Miramar location, we owe our success to our wonderful community of members and coaches. It is our core belief that our CrossFit program has something for everyone, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Joining a fitness program can sometimes be intimidating. However, at CrossFit SIEGE, you will quickly realize that “The Minute You Begin, You Fit Right In”. The mindset in the SIEGE community is that we are all equally striving to get better, and the smallest success for one person is a success for all.

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Are your Fitness Goals worth the trade off? We can help... For questions or inquiries on private one in one Nutrition Coaching please email Coach  at 
 A lot of people look at magazine covers of celebrities, models, professional athletes and say...⁣⁠
🏽 I want to be that lean/ fit/ jacked.⁣⁠
⚖ We dug a little deeper to illustrate the trade-offs of getting lean.
Mel getting her pull-ups done in yesterdays Partner WOD....
we hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July 🧨 !!!! We will have all regular class WODs tomorrow starting nice & early @ 5am ️ ️!

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