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June 16, 2019

#23 Christen Press

CrossFit Siege – CrossFit Metcon (Time) 100 KBS 100 Wall Balls EMOM 20 Dubs *No Dubz on Min Gut Check! Team Shuttle run sprints *one cone […]
June 16, 2019

#2 Mallory Pugh

CrossFit Siege – CrossFit Metcon (Time) Team Klepto 4 Rounds 27 Synchro B Jumps 24/20 20 Synchro Burpees OTB 11 Squat Cleans 185/125 *each
June 16, 2019

#15 Megan Rapinoe

CrossFit Siege – CrossFit Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) EMOM X 8 Min 1- Max Distance KB Farmers Carry 53/35 Min 2- 20 Push Ups -Rest 2 […]
June 26, 2019

**Member Highlight** Gina- 44 years old “Hi. I’m a brown belt in Brazilian jiu Jitsu. I am a competitor & an instructor. I’ve been training Jiu jitsu for about 10 years and I’ve been training CrossFit for a few years now. I joined CrossFit Siege to help me get stronger for my tournaments. I felt like I had the techniques/skills but I felt weak when I was competing. So, I started training CrossFit in the mornings and jiu jitsu at night about 5 times a week. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I wasn’t feeling stronger. I was actually feeling tired and gaining weight. My diet consisted of no breakfast in the morning. A tiny lunch and binge eating at night after my jiu jitsu training. I was so hungry at night that I would make poor food choices and just grab whatever was in the kitchen. This made me frustrated and confused. Luckily, a few months ago, CrossFit SIEGE rolled out their first ever Nutrition program “Siege Nutrition” and kicked the program off with a 6 week nutrition challenge. I signed up for it immediately. Coach taught me about macros and had me eating a lot of food every day! At first, I was skeptical and was scared I was going to gain more weight. But, the opposite happened. I lost fat and gained muscle. My energy had improved. I was killing my WODs & my jiu jitsu training improved. Coach Mig answered any questions or concerns that I had. When the challenge was over, I used all of the tools that Mig had shown me to reach my nutrition goals! I’m thankful to have such a great Crossfit gym with great coaches. Since the challenge I’ve won Gold twice in two different divisions. And one of those matches my opponent was 20lbs heavier than me . I’m looking forward to my next big tournament in August “Worlds” where I can truly test my new found strength gainz” -Gina