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This should be common sense

Posted: Dec 03, 2014

20 Nutrition Facts That Should be Common Sense (But Aren’t)

Great article pointing out the common myths and misconceptions about nutrition.
20 Nutrition Facts That Should be Common Sense (But Aren’t)

A. Tapia

Sugar-Heavy Diet?

Posted: Nov 25, 2014

Man eats sugar-heavy diet for 60 days, receives shocking diagnosis

Interesting article showing the effects of sugar found in perceived healthy foods.
Man eats sugar-heavy diet for 60 days, receives shocking diagnosis

A. Tapia

The Color of Pee

Posted: Nov 25, 2014

What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Cleveland Clinic recently made an infographic that describes what the color of your urine says about your health.
What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

A. Tapia

Bad Advice

Posted: Nov 11, 2014

The Worst Nutrition Advice in History?

Here’s an interesting article that points out the alleged inaccuracies of the nutritional advice we’ve all heard over the years.
Top 5 Contenders for the Worst Nutritional Advice

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Health Food or Junk Food?

Posted: Nov 05, 2014

Here’s an interesting post that I thought might help shed some light on certain so-called “Heath Foods” that are actually not very healthy:

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Frank’s Transformation

Posted: Aug 13, 2014

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by: Frank Scarfone

This past Sunday, I competed in a CrossFit competition sponsored by CrossFit Siege in Pembroke Pines, FL (see video above). The atmosphere, the coaches, and the members at Crossfit Siege are like a family. They are very supportive and caring. That’s why they were named the best CrossFit Gym in South Florida (Miramar and Pembroke Pines), 2 years in a row.

I’ve been training at CrossFit for the past 10 months after recovering from undiagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune disease) 2 years ago when I lost 40 lbs in around 2 months, was anemic, my knees collapsed, and my balance control was totally off. I couldn’t even walk normally; I needed to hold on to someone (my wife mostly) or something to get around. Whenever we went shopping, I would hold on to the shopping cart for balance and this gave me the opportunity to do some speed workouts with the shopping cart around the outside of the store while my wife was shopping inside. I even bought a cane and also bought a shower seat and wall handles to stabilize myself while taking a shower. In the hospital, they gave me 2 pints of blood. I left the hospital and I continued to lose weight down to 140 lbs.

I decided to go on a strict diet and an exercise program to recover my health. I was not going to follow traditional medicine’s advice of drugs and more drugs (I never did) which only masks the symptoms and doesn’t cure the root cause of the disease. I have never ever taken any drugs other than the occasional antibiotics for infection.

The reason I became sick is because I became lax in my responsibilities of following a proper diet and exercise program. I’ve always known what is required, but I became too lazy to do it. Now, I do CrossFit at least 5 days per week (1 hour per day). I get at least 30 minutes of sunshine per day. I have almost eliminated anything made of flour (baked goods), wheat, and sugar, and no fried foods or junk food, like soda or chips or crackers. I limit my grains because of the gluten.

I eat mostly, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, green smoothies, eggs, pork, fish (mostly sardines) and most importantly, I have fermented food like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha to improve my probiotic intestinal flora which helps in proper digestion which is required to properly feed the body and brain. I drink coconut water daily with a lemon squeezed-in to alkalize my pH level, and use apple cider vinegar and flax or olive oil in salads.

Before starting CrossFit, I regained back my original weight plus more, up to 190 lbs. Today, at 66, (after 10 months of CrossFit), I weigh 170 lbs. and have lost around 30 lbs. of fat and gained around 10 lbs of muscle. This year, I have run 5k races 5 times. At the end of this month, I’ve signed-up with my family to run a 5k at Vista View Park in Davie, and then another 5k a week later on Hollywood Beach called the Firefighter 5k with my family, including my Firefighter son, Marc who has won the Firefighter division 4 previous times.

My sickness made me realize that I needed to continue to be a functional member of society and most importantly, of my family who depends on me. Also, I want to thank God for helping me acquire the strength and courage to overcome this major obstacle in my life.

The CrossFit Siege staff has been amazing to me toward my journey of improving myself. I will always remember this wonderful opportunity.

Frank Scarfone