Success Stories

David Love


I started at Siege in November of last year. I Weighed 220lbs and had a 36 inch waist. The after photo is March 1st of this year, so almost exactly four months later. I’m now 190lbs and have a 33 inch waist. One hour a day of hard work and eating (mostly) clean is all it takes.

Steve Miller


Jimmy Martinez


Gustavo Rojas


Andy Salazar


Alejandro Molano


Sarah Caldwell



When I first posted my pic to instagram I wanted to delete the post a thousand times. But Crossfit Siege has taught me to be vulnerable and step outside of my comfort zone. Steve Miller mentioned that I needed to share my pic on the website as it might encourage others. So Yes Steve you were absolutely so right!

Recently, I met Joyce, her daughter Delaney, son Justin, and husband David. I am drawn to people who are just starting CF and I make every effort to encourage them. I let them know they just need to keep showing up and not to be intimidated because everything can be scaled. As I was talking to Joyce she grabbed my arm and said, “Oh my goodness you are the lady on the website…Adrien showed me your picture!!” She further said, “when I get discouraged I am going to keep going back to look at your picture.” Boy was I humbled at that very moment.

She mentioned that she was worried that she was too old (which was my worry too) and I said “I am so proud to be 50 at the end of this year!” As we continued our conversation I learned she was a cancer survivor. Of course this touched my heart and I told her my 12 year old nephew was actually fighting cancer and the Make a Wish Foundation sent him and his family to Hawaii this week!! This CrossFit journey is much more than a fitness regime it’s indeed a physical, spiritual, and emotional revival so to speak.

I am only half way to my goal and I am anxious and encouraged that in the coming months I will in fact reach my goal and when that Day arrives I will be first in line to share my story.

Eddie Villalba



In June of 2012 I decided to finally see a doctor because I was not feeling well, stress was taking over my life and I felt in general tired all of the time. I went to the doctor for the “routine” physical only to find out I weighed in at 292lbs (The heaviest I have ever been), I had High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I was a size 46 in my pants XXL shirts. I knew I had to make a change but didn’t really know where to begin

I started with my eating and I had learned from a friend of mine who did Crossfit about Paleo. I did a lot of reading and research and did a strict 30 day Paleo diet to see if I felt better and if the changes started working. I noticed by July that I had lost about 15lbs with just a diet change and adding in some walking. I continued that but stalled sometime around August. I knew I had to find something. I had read on a lot of the Paleo blogs that a lot of Crossfitters follow paleo and that led my research into finding out more about Crossfit. My main concern was the grueling workouts and punishment my joints would take. I was an Air Force Combat Controller for 10 years, 178 Parachute Jumps, lots of compression dives, fast Roping from Helicopters and miles and miles of running with 45lbs of gear kept me in good shape but destroyed my ankle and knee joints. I have a metal plate with 5 screws in one ankle and a Pin in another knee.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to try jump into Crossfit and on labor day September 2012 I went on the search for a Box near me. I tried a few but they were either closed for the holiday or they felt very elite-ish and unwelcoming. I walked into Siege only because I was at the Target next store and saw the sign. I walked over and to my surprise a class was going on and Mig was teaching. Mig was so welcoming and friendly. She took the time to talk to me, even though she was coaching and made me feel very comfortable.

The journey to where I am now is really about inspiration from my coaches, the changes I see in my body and the welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere that they bring to the box everyday. I look forward every morning to my 6am class. I feel stronger, sleep better, recover from stressful situations much quicker. I still deal with my joints, but no where near what I had before and I can feel I get better everyday. from only using the rower for the run portions of the WODs to now actually doing the runs.

I can proudly say now that I am down to 218Lbs, a 36” waist, regular Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. I know Siege has saved my life and I am a true believer in what we do. This is changing lives for the better.

Pablo Arias


Edwin Robledo



My story is short and sweet. I hate exercise, but I love sports such as cycling and basketball. Going to a gym is so much of a drag for me. Early 2012 I knew I had to do something, Mom and Dad are both diabetic and need to take like 20 pills everyday to combat different symptoms due to not eating well and not having some sort of workout routine. I don’t wish to follow their steps, but I needed a solution that would get me exited.

I began a strict Juicing routine and lost some weight, but I needed to develop some strength. I heard of CrossFit but no idea what it was, I looked it up online, seemed like fun but certainly was meant for athletes, not for big fat guys like me. Early summer 2012, I visited a box near Chappel Trail in a warehouse, lady walked me around and called me a few times, but I did not think it was for me. One day in Winn Dixie I notice all these ppl running in the parking lot. I went by and picked up a brochure. The guy behind the desk, very friendly (Adrien Tapia) says, Saturday at 10 AM we have a free class. I went the following 2 Saturdays, I’ve been hooked since.

Everyday I look forward to the days WOD. 3-2-1 we all transform to workout maniacs regardless of what the board says. No complaints, no machines, just cheering and plenty of High 5 until the workout is done. It doesn’t get any easier, but we are certainly getting better everyday. I have lost over 50 pounds and have never been this strong. The friendships I have developed in the box are priceless.

Alex Capo


Gio Dominguez


Romina Garcia


Cari Montero


Delaney Holley