June 26, 2019

**Member Highlight** Gina- 44 years old “Hi. I’m a brown belt in Brazilian jiu Jitsu. I am a competitor & an instructor. I’ve been training Jiu jitsu for about 10 years and I’ve been training CrossFit for a few years now. I joined CrossFit Siege to help me get stronger for my tournaments. I felt like I had the techniques/skills but I felt weak when I was competing. So, I started training CrossFit in the mornings and jiu jitsu at night about 5 times a week. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I wasn’t feeling stronger. I was actually feeling tired and gaining weight. My diet consisted of no breakfast in the morning. A tiny lunch and binge eating at night after my jiu jitsu training. I was so hungry at night that I would make poor food choices and just grab whatever was in the kitchen. This made me frustrated and confused. Luckily, a few months ago, CrossFit SIEGE rolled out their first ever Nutrition program “Siege Nutrition” and kicked the program off with a 6 week nutrition challenge. I signed up for it immediately. Coach taught me about macros and had me eating a lot of food every day! At first, I was skeptical and was scared I was going to gain more weight. But, the opposite happened. I lost fat and gained muscle. My energy had improved. I was killing my WODs & my jiu jitsu training improved. Coach Mig answered any questions or concerns that I had. When the challenge was over, I used all of the tools that Mig had shown me to reach my nutrition goals! I’m thankful to have such a great Crossfit gym with great coaches. Since the challenge I’ve won Gold twice in two different divisions. And one of those matches my opponent was 20lbs heavier than me . I’m looking forward to my next big tournament in August “Worlds” where I can truly test my new found strength gainz” -Gina

April 12, 2019

Members!!! Great job this week. Be sure to stay focused this weekend & keep your goals in mind. We are reviewing food logs as it is a big part of the challenge & your success. If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to message a Coach via-your HSN app. We are available & here to help. Keep up the good work & don’t forget to hydrate!

March 7, 2019

We are very excited to announce we will be launching our in-house nutrition program led by our very own Coach Both Mig & Have completed their Nutrition Coaching Certification. As a way to kick-off our program we will start it with a 6-week nutrition challenge. This is what it will include: – Teams of 2 ($135 per person) – Nutrition Seminar (Sat 4/6) – 6-week Meal Plan – 3 In-Body Readings – 6 Week Challenge Handbook – Food and Exercise Log – Access to HSN App and linked to MyFitnessPal – On-going support through the HSN app via nutrition coach – Prizes for winning team. -Your Coaches accountability *Overseen by Registered Dietician **We will have limited spots available (25 teams). The team can be made of members and non-members. Participation in the kick-off seminar is mandatory in order to win the challenge. Payment for the challenge can be made two (2) different ways. It can be made in full or divided into two payments during the challenge. ** Any questions you please email your Coaches at