November 3, 2019

Best of luck to our client at today’s . You’ve worked so hard with your training & nutrition Robyn . May you run🏼‍♀️ like the wind and crush your goal of sub 4 hours today.

October 18, 2019

Awesome job to this guy …. in 8 weeks with we’ve seen some incredible results. Paul is ️ 6.6lb, ️3.4% Body Fat, ️ 4in waist, which equals ️ 11.16lbs Fat mass And Gainz of ️ 4.56 lbs of Lean Muscle . “I joined in Aug 2013, 6+ years! Chose CF Siege because of 5am class offering and proximity to home. Stayed because of the coaches and culture. I have tried other nutrition programs to manage my weight and had some success dropping scale pounds, but didn’t get the health improvements I also needed. I was slimmer and looked better but had low/no energy. I needed a plan to do both: reduce fat and maintain/increase energy. It’s more than reducing your profile. With I feel great. My workouts are improving in endurance, strength and intensity. The mental challenge is there’s a number of ways to just drop pounds and get immediate results, but it’s a false positive. It takes commitment and positive reinforcement by your Siege Nutrition team (coaches AND community) to stay within compliance. For many, changing your perspective on heathy habits is a steep learning curve. Having not only the coaches and Apps, but also the community is powerful. They share their knowledge, success/mistakes, and encouragement. There’s also an accountability, much like the group dynamics in a CF class that continue to push you further than you think you can do alone.” -5am Paul