August 3, 2019

There is something so sweet about watching our athletes transform from being terrified at the thought of a 5K to eventually doing one for fun🏻‍♀️, to being a badass . Thanks for bringing lil Vale by to meet the #SiegeFam. We are so happy for you. You have reached the PR of your lifetime. To bring your baby girl to WOD w you at Siege some day. And here she is!!! It’s been a long, tough, sometimes scary road for you girls to get to this point but we couldn’t be happier for you & your family . Thank you for trusting us along the way coaching you has been nothing short of awesome & humbling.

August 4, 2019

While you watch the 2019 CF Games get your meal prep game on for this week… need recipe ? Click the link in our Bio/ recipes… Breakfast , Lunch 🥙, Dinner 🥘 we’ve got you covered. Recipes are also programmed in MyFitPal for your food logging pleasure .

August 4, 2019

Congrats to these CHAMPS 🥇!!!!

August 5, 2019

Here’s some for you… set a goal in April “Get serious about my nutrition” and here we are a little over 3 months later and Eric has lost 38lbs (and counting) & 6.5% Body Fat!!! Awesome job Eric many want it but few have the will to follow through. Keep up the good work.