November 2, 2019

Happy Birthday Coach We love you & are so grateful for the awesome Coach you are. Thanks for always providing that Cafecito ️ just at the right time… Here are some fun facts about your Fave Coach… -How many years have you done CF? ️ 7 years -Any sports before CF? ️ Wrestling -Favorite CF movement of all time? ️ Snatches -Favorite Hero WOD? ️Nate – reason you love being a CF Siege Coach? ️ I love to program, seeing the community that Crossfit brings and seeing members progress in their fitness journey and come out of their shell. -Biggest pet peeve when I coach? ️ When members don’t dress out for Siege Spirit Week -last one… Advice you’d give yourself now, if it was your first day of CF? ️ To be consistent in practicing skill work.

September 14, 2019

To say we are sad to see you go is an understatement. It’s been an incredible 6 years of many laughs, sweat, tears, PRs, drama & growth. As we’ve often said, don’t forget your when you hit the big time ️ 🎞 🍿. We are overjoyed you’re pursuing your many talents & life goal of moving to LA. Thank you for choosing us to be your #CrossFitFamily. We are grateful for all the laughs, awesome memories we’ve shared with you through the years & of course the best gift ever… We love you & know you’ll accomplish all you set out to do. Keep in touch & know you’ll always have a home at Siege. We’ll miss you !

June 22, 2018

Friday nights are for the Boys!!!