August 20, 2019

Today’s 🦋goes out to .rutherford Top Left Before/ bottom Right Today “ My goal was to drop body fat%, build muscle and continue to make progress in my daily workouts. I previously worked with a Nutrition coach but wasn’t quite getting the results I felt I was working so hard for. I feel AWESOME! Lots of energy, workouts have improved, I feel well balanced, stronger and faster & don’t feel deprived. I would 150% recommend siege nutrition. Coach really got to know me as an athlete & helped me figure out what worked best for me. Whether it was what to eat while traveling for work/vacation, Hotel WODs or even modifying class WODs to suit my individual goals. is worth the investment in your health.” -Angela

April 1, 2019

Congrats to !!!! You won the ☘️March Burpee Challenge☘️. Please see a coach to collect your cash prize! Great job you may not have won the final prize BUT you definitely got better at Burpees 🤢 which is a prize in itself…

February 16, 2019

It’s that time of year…. And it all starts this Thursday 2/21. The Open is upon us. It’s that time of year to compete and put your training to the test! Please be sure to sign up (swipe left for details) at CrossFit.Games.Com PLEASE READ!!! This year we will structure it a little different to accommodate both members doing the open, and those who do not have any interest. These are some of the changes. Thursday: We will have two EMOM’s before the class WOD. One will be for those that are doing the open. The open athletes will select two movements they need work on (weakness). These movements must be skill movements (double under, pull-up, t2b, muscle ups,HSPU’s etc). They will do 20 min emom with the two movements they choose. Each member will choose their own two movements. For the non-open athletes, we will program a class EMOM they will follow. Both 20-min EMOM’s will run simultaneously (open and non open athletes). After the EMOM both groups will complete the class WOD together. Friday: Class WOD will be the open workout. Open athletes will need a judge. Saturday: Regular Class WOD Mon: Regular Class WOD. Credit;