September 14, 2019

Congrats to athletes! Getting all the fitness in this weekend. & placed 1st 🥇 in the men’s Novice division, Natasha competed for her first time in the Women’s intermediate & placed 5th w/ her partner & crushed the Spartan Sprint placing 2nd in her age group. Awesome job to all. Thanks for always making proud.

September 7, 2019

Awesome job today & athletes !!!! You made all of your coaches so proud during today’s Rival Cup tryouts. Your hard work & training was put to the test & you all made us look good. To all of our & our friends who showed up & volunteered your time either judging athletes, moving equipment, or working logistics. Thank you so very much. Today ran smoothly because of you. And lastly to for all the love, support, camaraderie you all have for your one another & your box. You all are truly what makes CrossFit SIEGE so amazing. Thanks to & for organizing this for all of our athletes. Results will be announced within a few days please be patient as we review scores & recover from an intense day of great competition that was fun & exhausting all at once.

September 10, 2019

Today’s 🦋goes out to this guy… Husband, Father of two, Dog Dad, 40+ hour work weeks with constant traveling & a 5am’er. Paul joined with his wife (her results coming soon) just 4 weeks ago…. Paul lost ️ 7lbs, maintained his muscle mass & lost ️ 1.5% Body Fat, he literally lost 6 lbs of fat mass in 4 weeks! Awesome job Paul. We are incredibly proud of your effort & consistency throughout these past four weeks & are looking forward to your next progress post. 🥗🥙🥦🍐🥬🥔 our upcoming kicks off on 10/12 with the Challenge starting on 10/14th if you need full details please see previous post or check your email. If you’re interested in securing your spot please be sure to see a Coach, DM us or email Coach @ this challenge is an individual nutrition challenge & spots are very limited.

August 27, 2019

Today’s 🦋 goes out to !!! In just 5 weeks with Yanessa is ️ 6.7lbs & ️ 2.5% Body Fat. “I chose because I wanted to be serious about losing weight, & was seeing others getting amazing results in a short period of time. I EVERYTHING about the program. From the guidance, individualized meal plans, support/accountability (Mig and the current members), eating healthy without starving, new energy found and transforming my body, what’s there not to love? . Thank you to Coach , and the rest of the Siege gang!!! 🥳🏼 I’m confident I can continue this lifestyle & look forward to feeling & seeing the results of my efforts” -Yanessa.