March 20, 2018

A little food for thought… And maybe a goal for your upcoming training season. with ・・・ 🤳 ・・・ I must admit after I measured for my first attempt at 18.4 and my feet didn’t even reach the line when I was fresh I was frustrated. Then just out of curiosity I measured using last year standards. I was pissed to find out that last year standards and this year standards are off by 3 inches exactly. After an almost 6 minute Diane on my first attempt I was doing a lot of bitching. After a day of observing others and seeing that I was not the only one having this problem I came to realize. The true problem was not the new standard it was the old standard. The new standard forces me to do several things that I was doing wrong previously. Three ways this new standard will make all of us better for next year. Most likely a combination of all 3. 1. Your hands were too wide because of poor shoulder mobility. 2. Too far off the wall because your erratic kipp always makes you fall. 3. Over extended spine/ closed hips, could be weak midline or tight shoulders. None of those things are Castro’s fault. They are my fault and you and your coaches fault. Let’s stop being baby’s and complaining when someone asks us to step our game up. If the new standard is punishing you, you know what you need to work on. Most likely one of the 3 things I listed above. The OPEN is a test of fitness. But for those of us not going to the games the most valuable thing we can get out of it is what we need to work on for next year. Thanks for once again helping me find my weaknesses. Be relentless in the pursuit of better movement. Make others better.