February 7, 2020

Happy Friday Here’s our member & . JT has been a member of Our since August of 2012 (definitely a master ) JT started CrossFit because he wanted to be in shape overall. At that time he had lost weight and wanted to gain lean muscle without going through basic gym routines since he has never been a “gym rat”. JT’s favorite movement or lift is Clean & Jerks and pull ups! JT’s biggest accomplishment in 2019 is…. having fun! 2019 has been the year he’s enjoyed the most . When asked what he loves most about Siege? “Definitely, the COMMUNITY!!! I have developed so many great relationships that without a doubt I consider Siege my fam away from home. “ Awesome job JT , we are all proud of you, your effort & growth over almost 8 years. But mostly for being a great Box-mate & partner in any team WOD. Keep pushing yourself & those around you to be their best. WODs :)

March 1, 2020

Sunday can be as easy as going to and that’s it… Thanks to for & suggestions

March 2, 2020

Need some here’s & member to bring the heat . Suzanne joined our because her Bestie was a member. Suzanne was going else where & was convinced by her friend to try out Siege. It’s been 4 years and she’s been hooked ever since. Thanks !! Suzanne’s favorite movement/lift is? Definitely Power Cleans!! Suzanne is proud to be able to do multiple reps of what use to be her max Deadlift at 185lb 😀 Overall, She’s improved on her form for all her lifts & movement in general. Suzanne loves the friendly environment most at Siege. “I show up for my daily punishment, but it’s worth it in the end! 😀 On a serious note though, I like the availability and consistency of the classes, dedication of the coaches and the fact that they modify the movements when you are injured. If you show up, the coaches will find away for you to get the most out of your work out.”-Suzanne Awesome job Suzanne. We are so proud of your consistency & dedication to your health & goals. ️

February 20, 2020

Meet member 🏋🏻Beatriz has been part of our for a little over 2 years She started crossfit 6 months after she moved here from Colombia. And quickly realized food is a bit different here in the & started to put on some unwanted weight. At that point she wanted an active lifestyle. She tried regular gyms, yoga, bootcamp, zumba but didnt like any of those. When She tried crossfit, she really liked it and now can’t live without it. When She started she just wanted to look skinny, now she wants look & be stronger 🏼 Beatriz’ Favorite movement or lift? Power cleans!!! And also snatches.🏋🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻 In 2019 Beatriz tried out for her first CF Comp, made it on to and represented us well at our annual #RivalCup. She’s feeling better & stronger than ever and most recently PRd her Power Clean (140 # 🏼) What she loves most about Is… “I look forward to the 5:15 class every day and plan my day around that time. For me, its my happy hour! Also, I have made really good friends. “ Congrats on all your success Beatriz. Your consistency & dedication are a direct reflection of your results. Keep it up. We ️ you & are so proud of you.