November 1, 2019

Halloween Shenanigans!

September 24, 2019

Today we have two 🦋🦋‍♀️to share…. First up in just over 4 weeks Liz is ️ 6.3lbs, ️1% Body Fat ️Confidence, Strength, & Consistency!!! Next up this super busy with a loaded schedule. Between work, fitness goals & life goals she still manages to make her nutrition a priority…. In 4 weeks she has ️ 2.4lbs, ️ 1.4% Body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, PRing on lifts, & fueling for her active lifestyle! Congrats to both of you Ladies. These results have us looking forward to these next few weeks. Need Nutrition guidance? Email our Coach at

September 16, 2019

there are officially 10 spots available for the last of 2019!!! If you have not secured your spot please be sure to email Coach at if you have not be charged your spot is not reserved. Details… Price? $135.00 Includes…. 🥦Nutrition Seminar 10/12 🥗6week Meal Plan 3 In-Body Readings Week Challenge Handbook How to: Log in MyFitPal & Why ⌨️Access to HSN App, linked to MyFitnessPal 🏻‍♀️On-going support through the HSN app via nutrition coach Prizes for winner PLEASE Note!!! Our kick off meeting held on 10/12 is MANDATORY & vital to this challenge. DM or email to secure your spot ASAP.

September 21, 2019

!!! Tomorrow 9/22 @ 9am, ROM WOD come get #swoleandflexy. 🧘🏻‍♀️