October 10, 2018

Some quick tips to help with your pull-ups today… with ・・・ 🗣THE KIPPING PULL-UP: ••• When you think of the Kipping Pull-Up, do your arms immediately start to hurt? . If so, you’re approaching the skill all wrong. ••• The Kipping Pull-Up is not necessarily an exercise design to build strength (train strict pull-ups if that’s your goal). . But rather, the Kipping Pull-Up is coordination based, meaning, your technique + swing should do the majority of work for you. ••• In the photo, do you see how I begin my vertical rise with a closed (piked) hip? . This allows me to produce tons of power through an aggressive hip extension (butt squeeze), that sends my body towards the bar. ••• Meaning? Your arms don’t have to work very hard. ••• If you’ve been struggling to get your first Kipping Pull-Up, take a step back, and evaluate not only your movement pattern, but your mindset. ••• If you’re mentally approaching gymnastics skills incorrectly, you’re setting yourself up for a long, hard road. ••• Think about the skill, break down the mechanics, and figure out how to do it the easiest ways possible. . THEN, gymnastics becomes simple. ••• GIVEAWAY TOMORROW! . Check back to win a pot of Victory Grips, Crossover Symmetry bands, 1st Phorm + Lurong Supplements, and more of my favorite products. . Turning on post notifications helps. Do it. ••• BreazealGymnastics.com ••• . . . . . .

August 5, 2018

with ・・・ Excited to sponsor the 9/11 Remembrance 5k benefitting on Saturday, September 8th. Use the discount code SPFITNESS18 to join our team. LINK in bio! Register now before prices go up!