November 24, 2019

This Lady right here … There aren’t enough words for the positive energy she brings to our daily. When she signed up for our “6 Week Nutrition Challenge” her exact words were “Coach I’m going to rock this nutrition challenge, you’re going to be so proud” and here we are… Proud is an understatement. Sasha has lost 9.3lbs & is Down 2.7% Body Fat. “So 6 weeks ago I began a nutrition journey with In total I lost weight (9 pounds ish), lost some body fat, gained muscle. This all helped me become stronger/wiser when working out. I feel amazing. I have clearer skin TOO! 2 weeks ago I rolled my ankle while running and today I ran an entire 5K NON-STOP (after rolling my ankle) 🏽‍♀️🏽” -Sasha

August 20, 2019

Today’s 🦋goes out to .rutherford Top Left Before/ bottom Right Today “ My goal was to drop body fat%, build muscle and continue to make progress in my daily workouts. I previously worked with a Nutrition coach but wasn’t quite getting the results I felt I was working so hard for. I feel AWESOME! Lots of energy, workouts have improved, I feel well balanced, stronger and faster & don’t feel deprived. I would 150% recommend siege nutrition. Coach really got to know me as an athlete & helped me figure out what worked best for me. Whether it was what to eat while traveling for work/vacation, Hotel WODs or even modifying class WODs to suit my individual goals. is worth the investment in your health.” -Angela

August 27, 2019

Today’s 🦋 goes out to !!! In just 5 weeks with Yanessa is ️ 6.7lbs & ️ 2.5% Body Fat. “I chose because I wanted to be serious about losing weight, & was seeing others getting amazing results in a short period of time. I EVERYTHING about the program. From the guidance, individualized meal plans, support/accountability (Mig and the current members), eating healthy without starving, new energy found and transforming my body, what’s there not to love? . Thank you to Coach , and the rest of the Siege gang!!! 🥳🏼 I’m confident I can continue this lifestyle & look forward to feeling & seeing the results of my efforts” -Yanessa.