February 18, 2020

with ・・・ A day in the life of “Mig’s Macros” 😬. I often get asked by our members what I eat? So, here’s what a typical day looks like for me. It’s important to keep in mind… I’ve been logging macros in MyFitPal & weighing my food for a lil over 4 years. It’s not for everyone & most of us don’t have to be super strict with it but it’s definitely helped keep me consistent & accountable. Also, 🏻‍♀️ My Calories/Macros have changed a lot over that time. As they should depending on how I feel & my current goals. Over the past year of coaching nutrition, I now understand that Nutrition really isn’t complicated but every athlete is different & it’s my job to help guide them to success. Perfection is definitely not the approach that helped me or my nutrition clients. But it ultimately comes down to consistency & practice. I eat it ALL yes, even the occasional ! The key is finding a balance that works for you & knowing that mistakes will happen but slow & steady progress is where long life habits happen. If you’d like Info on Nutrition or private Coaching me @

February 25, 2020

Here’s what a day of food looks like for Coach . Coach Valentina started off with logging, tracking & weighing her food daily for a few months but now a full time student & Coach she finds it more convenient to use the plate method. On Sundays Coach preps just her protein for the week. Using different cooking methods like the stove top, oven & air fryer to save on time for studying 🖊 🏻‍. She prefers to eat the same lunch & dinner, making sure to consume about 1g of lean protein per 1lb of her Body Weight. Right now her lifestyle supports her goals of becoming a Firefighter/EMT. Her diet fuels her busy schedule & training without the stress of logging every single detail. If you’d like info on our Nutrition program or 1:1 private Coaching please email our certified nutrition Coach at

November 19, 2019

PSA… “Use your thumbs”! Please & Thank You 🏼 . with ・・・ | COACHING CUE | . Use your thumb, because you’re a human. – picked up from Kelly Starrett . When? Gripping anything and everything . Why is this important? “In order to create a stable platform for the shoulder to connect to the body you HAVE to have some rotation. . When we see people on the rowing machine, on the pull-up bar, even on the squat, who don’t have their thumb wrapped around, this is usually a compensation to buy some space in the shoulder. . As soon as that thumb is wrapped around we have a more stable externally rotated position which means better connection between arm and body.” – Starrett . I hope you found this valuable. If so, or tag someone who needs to see it.

July 31, 2019

Our goes out to this amazing lady .ng who inspires all us to be better. with ・・・ Happy wife = happy life. It took cancer for .ng to finally give CrossFit a try but oh boy, what a wonderful surprise… CrossFit has given me a new wife, a happy and healthy one, 100% focused on enjoying life. Thank you (and every member that has shared their positive vibes with her) for taking such good care of her, I owe you guys big time 🏼