August 20, 2019

Today’s 🦋goes out to .rutherford Top Left Before/ bottom Right Today “ My goal was to drop body fat%, build muscle and continue to make progress in my daily workouts. I previously worked with a Nutrition coach but wasn’t quite getting the results I felt I was working so hard for. I feel AWESOME! Lots of energy, workouts have improved, I feel well balanced, stronger and faster & don’t feel deprived. I would 150% recommend siege nutrition. Coach really got to know me as an athlete & helped me figure out what worked best for me. Whether it was what to eat while traveling for work/vacation, Hotel WODs or even modifying class WODs to suit my individual goals. is worth the investment in your health.” -Angela

August 7, 2019

goes out to w/ a Beautiful from Aruba 🏝 ️ Thanks to our awesome for representing all over the 🗺 🌎. Be sure to check out our highlights on our profile for past pics. If you’d like to be featured please be sure to wear your shirt, 🏷 & … Note: we cannot “Repost” if you’re account is private. 🤷🏻‍♀️

July 25, 2019

Out to lunch? Not sure what to order? Use this quick reference to help you crush your nutrition & fitness goals. Veggies 🥬🥒🥦: 2 Fists🏼🏼 (Everyone) Lean Protein 🦃 🦐: about 1 Palm 🏽4oz/5 oz (most women), 2 Palms🏽🏽6oz/8oz (most men) Starches 🥔 : half a fist🏼or 1/2 cup *95g Cooked (most women), and 1 🏼 or 1 Cup *190g cooked (most men) Fat🥑 🥜: 1-2 Thumbs 🏼 Drink plenty of water, before, during & after eating, ask for sauces on the side (best to dip not drizzle) and most importantly try to be mindful. Eat slowly, stay off of your phone/gadgets & listen to those hunger cues. If you’d like to inquire about our private 1 on 1 nutrition coaching please email coach at

July 23, 2019

shout out to this beast in just 5 weeks she lost 7lbs & 2% Body fat. Kathy started with a goal to lose weight & improve her overall health. In just 5 weeks with Coach guidance she’s learned how to set her goals & how to follow through w a plan of action! Awesome job Kathy 🏼 🏼🏼 Keep up the good work!