March 28, 2020

lets give it up 🏼 🏼 🏼 for our amazing community from both & Members, Coaching staff, Owners & of course our Mascot . It’s been a tough two weeks for a lot of us with so many changes & uncertainty. However, we’ve adapted & taken on these new challenges as only would TOGETHER!!! No amount of social distancing could ever get between our #SiegeFam! We love & appreciate your unconditional support & are always humbled by your kindness & generosity. Thank you! You prove time & time again why We miss you all so much. As our Zoom classes grow by the day we are filled with hope that everything will be okay. Keep that energy. Keep logging in & keep checking up on one another. If you haven’t joined us on Zoom yet he sure to READ your emails & jump in on a class. #KeepItMovin’

March 2, 2020

Need some here’s & member to bring the heat . Suzanne joined our because her Bestie was a member. Suzanne was going else where & was convinced by her friend to try out Siege. It’s been 4 years and she’s been hooked ever since. Thanks !! Suzanne’s favorite movement/lift is? Definitely Power Cleans!! Suzanne is proud to be able to do multiple reps of what use to be her max Deadlift at 185lb 😀 Overall, She’s improved on her form for all her lifts & movement in general. Suzanne loves the friendly environment most at Siege. “I show up for my daily punishment, but it’s worth it in the end! 😀 On a serious note though, I like the availability and consistency of the classes, dedication of the coaches and the fact that they modify the movements when you are injured. If you show up, the coaches will find away for you to get the most out of your work out.”-Suzanne Awesome job Suzanne. We are so proud of your consistency & dedication to your health & goals. ️

November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 🍽 🦃 . We are grateful & thankful to all of our #SiegeFam. We truly appreciate everything you all do for one another, your coaches & your Box! Thank you for proving time & time again why is so special.

December 6, 2019

Are your priorities in line with your goals? There are 3 Holiday meals left in 2019 🏽 🤶🏼 ️ be sure to book your nutrition consult & start your 2020 prepared! For info on pricing, or scheduling a consult with our certified Nutrition Coach please email Coach at