September 14, 2019

To say we are sad to see you go is an understatement. It’s been an incredible 6 years of many laughs, sweat, tears, PRs, drama & growth. As we’ve often said, don’t forget your when you hit the big time ️ 🎞 🍿. We are overjoyed you’re pursuing your many talents & life goal of moving to LA. Thank you for choosing us to be your #CrossFitFamily. We are grateful for all the laughs, awesome memories we’ve shared with you through the years & of course the best gift ever… We love you & know you’ll accomplish all you set out to do. Keep in touch & know you’ll always have a home at Siege. We’ll miss you !

August 3, 2019

There is something so sweet about watching our athletes transform from being terrified at the thought of a 5K to eventually doing one for fun🏻‍♀️, to being a badass . Thanks for bringing lil Vale by to meet the #SiegeFam. We are so happy for you. You have reached the PR of your lifetime. To bring your baby girl to WOD w you at Siege some day. And here she is!!! It’s been a long, tough, sometimes scary road for you girls to get to this point but we couldn’t be happier for you & your family . Thank you for trusting us along the way coaching you has been nothing short of awesome & humbling.

August 24, 2019

Congrats for completing 14.5 miles at the Beast in West Va.

September 10, 2019

Today’s 🦋goes out to this guy… Husband, Father of two, Dog Dad, 40+ hour work weeks with constant traveling & a 5am’er. Paul joined with his wife (her results coming soon) just 4 weeks ago…. Paul lost ️ 7lbs, maintained his muscle mass & lost ️ 1.5% Body Fat, he literally lost 6 lbs of fat mass in 4 weeks! Awesome job Paul. We are incredibly proud of your effort & consistency throughout these past four weeks & are looking forward to your next progress post. 🥗🥙🥦🍐🥬🥔 our upcoming kicks off on 10/12 with the Challenge starting on 10/14th if you need full details please see previous post or check your email. If you’re interested in securing your spot please be sure to see a Coach, DM us or email Coach @ this challenge is an individual nutrition challenge & spots are very limited.