February 12, 2020

to this amazing Lady… .ng Bonnie is 41 years young (today ) a Mother of two, a wife, works a full time job, is a meal prep boss and a Breast Cancer Survivor . Bonnie works out at 5am 4/5 days a week. In just 4 weeks of Bonnie is crushing her Goals for 2020. Her dedication has paid off. She’s lost 8.6lbs, down 2.2% Body Fat & lost 1.5 inches off her waist. All with nothing but gratitude & a smile. Incredible job Bonnie. You inspire and motivate everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you. Keep up the good work. You are the sunshine ️ that lights up that 5am class.

February 16, 2020

If is NOT your jam, has some great Macro Friendly options. 📸 Thanks for some amazing info & suggestions always.

February 7, 2020

Happy Friday Here’s our member & . JT has been a member of Our since August of 2012 (definitely a master ) JT started CrossFit because he wanted to be in shape overall. At that time he had lost weight and wanted to gain lean muscle without going through basic gym routines since he has never been a “gym rat”. JT’s favorite movement or lift is Clean & Jerks and pull ups! JT’s biggest accomplishment in 2019 is…. having fun! 2019 has been the year he’s enjoyed the most . When asked what he loves most about Siege? “Definitely, the COMMUNITY!!! I have developed so many great relationships that without a doubt I consider Siege my fam away from home. “ Awesome job JT , we are all proud of you, your effort & growth over almost 8 years. But mostly for being a great Box-mate & partner in any team WOD. Keep pushing yourself & those around you to be their best. WODs :)

February 8, 2020

Today’s athlete is !!!! Elena started CrossFit to improve her fitness level. She’s been a member of our since April 2018. Her favorite movement/skill is…. DeadliftS, pull-ups & T2B What she ️’s most about is… “It’s a great community. The coaches are top notch and the members are great. I receive so much encouragement on a daily basis. It truly is my happy place”. Awesome job making the prestigious “Committed Club” Elena. We are so happy with all your progress & strong PRs this year. Keep up the good work.